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Mobil Lubricant Oil and Bulk Fuel Tank Rentals in Fort St. John

Smith Fuel Services Ltd offers fuel tank rentals and lubricant oil in Fort St. John. We’re an authorized Husky Energy bulk plant offering the following products and services:

  • Fuel distribution
  • Premium Lubricant product line
  • VP Racing Fuels
  • Methanol distribution
  • Standard and environmental tanks
  • Tank accessories
  • Hot shot, winch tractor and picker
  • A well-established rural cardlock network, serving the workforce and cardlock cardholders in the North Peace/Fort St. John area
  • National access to the Key to the Hwy Cardlock Network with the Smith Fuel Services Ltd’s Dealer Cardlock Card

Safe, Prompt, Dependable

Our clients can always rely on their bulk fuel and methanol deliveries because we’re COR-certified and fully approved by Weights and Measures, with electronic metering. Our specialized equipment and complete collection of maps for British Columbia allow us to move right through difficult terrain or bad weather conditions to provide the service you need.

Once we arrive with your order, you’ll find our staff to be courteous and our product to be clean, from tanks to trucks to compartments. Suggestions? We listen to our customers and implement changes to make our service better. Contact us anytime – and remember our 24/7 availability!


In order to make sure that your equipment keeps running smoothly and at optimal capacity, you need to use a good quality Mobil lubricants that will reduce the friction between the multiple parts of equipment, thus reducing the chances of frequent wear and tear and increasing their lifespan. We, at Smith Fuel Services Ltd, provide our customers with good quality Mobil lubricant oil in Fort St. John.


Throughout our operations, we ensure that there is no compromise in the safety of those associated with the sale and purchase of our services. Irrespective of whether you need our services in the North Peace Region, the East Peace region or in Alberta, we are happy to help you to the best of our abilities. Call us to book a service or order a product.

Importance of Mobil Oil Products

Lubrication is very important in reducing the friction in your equipment and allowing it to run more smoothly and efficiently. Proper lubrication can also reduce the chances of overheating equipment, thus minimizing accidents and damage.


Benefits of Mobil Lubricants:

  • Increased engine strength
  • Improved equipment lifespan
  • Reduction in repair and replacement expenditure

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Take a look at the information related to occupational safety and health for the use of controlled products:

Watch Us in Action

Take a look at on-site images to get a better idea of how we bring the best to you.

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